GLYPH Blackbox Plus USB-C (3.1,Gen2)-2TB Blackbox Plus



Professional Mobile Rugged Hard Drive

Super Speed USB-C (3.1)

Bus Powered

Rugged Bumper

Stackable Design

BPL2000-2TB Blackbox Plus

Reliable Storage Options for Content Producers

A tough, portable hard drive made for creative professionals is the Blackbox Plus.

Blackbox Plus has the most recent USB-C technology, enhanced passive cooling, built-in health monitoring, and a rugged exterior that can withstand abuse.

Professional storage that is durable and portable. It is powerful enough to assume its proper position in your workflow while still being small enough to fit in your pocket.

Time Machine Compatibility: Out of the box, Glyph Blackbox Plus is Time Machine compatible and comes preformatted in HFS+ with Journaling.


All that is required for the Blackbox Plus to function with Windows systems is a straightforward reformat.

Blackbox Plus has been built from the ground up to offer the quickest performance, absolute dependability, and a straightforward, elegant experience throughout your creative process. High-Quality Components Matter.

We start by choosing the best components we can find. The drives are then put together in our US factory, and each one is rigorously tested before being shipped to you.

Quality Components Matter

A tough, portable hard disk for creative professions is the Blackbox Plus. It has integrated health monitoring, enhanced passive cooling, and Thunderbolt3 and USB-C technologies. It is also constructed to withstand damage.

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